Water Softening Plant

Aqua Globe is Leading Water Softening Plant (WSP Plant) manufacturer & supplier in Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Himachal Pardesh, Uttar Pardesh, Bihar Etc. The natural water many times contains dissolved impurities such as carbonates of calcium and magnesium, commonly know as Hardness. These salts causes scaling and corrosion in equipment, such as boiler and cooling towers, This scaling problem reduces flow and ultimately chocking of pipe lines/ valves, reduse heat transfer efficiency of heating elements/heat exchangers. This process of removing these salts is known as “Softening” Aqua Globe Water Softening Plant works on the principal of ion exchange based on counter flow regeneration. The equipment contains a bed of CATION EXCHANGE RESIN which absorbs calcium and magnesium salts and produce high quality soft water having commercially zero hardness. After getting specified amount of treated water, when the resin is no more capable of absorbing further hardness from water the unit is regnerated with common salt solution to get back in operation. Available from 500 LPH – 25000 LPH.

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