Aquaglobe - 5001

  • Antiscalant / Antifoulant- RO

AQUAGLOBE 5001 is a unique Amtiscalent / Antifoulant control Agent for reverse osmosis systems. A latest Polymers have been incorporated in the formulation which prevent deposits and protects system WATREET RD 300 is highly effective for salts like CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4, S.SO4 (CaF2)  It also effectively disperse soluble and insoluble Iron & Silica. The dispersing action of WATREET-RD 300 helps to keeps the system free From chemical fouling


Product Data :

Appearance       :           Clear Colorless to pale Yellow liquid

PH                       :           6.5 to 8.0

Specific               :           1.0 to 1.1


Product  Feature :

Effective                           :    Easy to Use & Safe to Handle

Easy to application        :    Readily Miscible with Water

Economical                     :     Increased Cost Benefits



An Optimum dosage is dependent on the quality of the feed water and Potential scaling salts. Ensure proper dosing for good results. Recommended Doses of the polymer dependent of many factors like feed analysis pH flow Rate. The dosages are to be adjusted in such a way that the system is Protected and the treatment is economical. Your water treatment experts Will recommend the optimum dosage. Generally 5-10ppm maintenance dose May be sufficient for regular use.



keep the container away from direct heat &sunlight. Keep the container Closed when not in use. The product not be swallowed and prolonged contact With the skin should be avoided. Should it come in contact with the eyes flush With clean, cold water and get medical attention.

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