Aquaglobe - 1021

  • Inhibits scale formation and remove old scale.
  • Prevents deposition of hardness salts.
  • Keeps metal surface well passivated.

AQUAGLOBE 1021 is a scale and sludge conditioner. AQUAGLOBE 1021 is primarily designed for the steam boilers. It is used to prevent deposition of hardness salts, iron and other metallic oxides, originating from corrosion products of condensate return line. It also remove scale deposit in boiler by softening.


AQUAGLOBE 1021 is based on synergistic blend of dispersants and scale inhibitor. Its chelating action helps in forming a complex compound with iron and also disperse precipitated salts.


Dosage and Feeding

AQUAGLOBE 1021 is maintained at 100-500 mg/l concentration in the boiler water.

AQUAGLOBE 1021 is non-corrosive to steel mixing tanks or dosage pumps, in concentrated or diluted form.

AQUAGLOBE 1021 may be dosed by chemical dosing pump or may de directly fed into the  feed water tank every shift or by gravity dosing


Storage and Handling

The containers should be kept closed when not in use. No special handling procedure and equipment is required. Store in a cool and dry place.

Workers handling the product should avoid contact with clothing or skin and should wear rubber gloves and goggles. Observe other precautions as usual.

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