Aquaglobe - 5100


AQUAGLOBE 5100 is a highly effective cleaning chemical for Ro Membranes, It is useful in removing deposits including colloids and also Organic biofoulings. Aqua globe 5100 is a combination of Alkaline cleaner And a novel surfactant. Aquaglobe-5100 is formulated for rapid cleaning and Complete protection of the membrane material. when used regularly RO Membranes are kept clean and preserved from fouling & scaling.

AQUAGLOBE 5100 can be used in conjunction with Aquaglobe 5100 to Remove plant performance and enhance membrane life.


Product Data :

Appearance       :          Clear Colorless to pale Yellow liquid

PH                       :          Alkaline

Density               :           1.1 to 1.2

Product  Feature :

Effective on wide range of colloids & oil

Easy to use & safe to handle

Effective on organic matter & bio fil Compatible with polysulphones, polymides& other chlorine resistant


Effective at high temperature

Soften silica sulphates & carbonate scales

Effective on foulants, but safe for membrane surface.



Dosages depends upon the severity of the membrane fouling. For very badly Fouled membrane use 1:4 dilute solution and use for the cleaning. Generally 2.5-3.0 kg suffices for a single membrane. Aquaglobe5100 is suitable for Cleaning most RO membranes, although the pH should be adjusted for use on CA membranes


Cleaning Guideline :

Aquaglobe 5100 is recommended to be used in the volume of 25-30 lit to 40-50 lit for a 8”x 40” membrane element. During cleaning the flow rate should not exceed design limit. Also membrane.

Cleaning should be carried out at low pressure <60> psi.

Allow the membrane to soak in cleaning solution for minimum 45-60 minutes

Between recirculation. This procedure is to be repeated throughout cleaning process Regularly.

While cleaning a multi stage plant, clean each stage individually. Flush pipe work Membrane and cleaning tank thoroughly with chlorine free water between each Cleaning and reflush the plant to normal operation. Generally most of the cleaners temporarily affect the membrane support structure And it takes routine operation of 5-24 hrs to stabilize the parameters.


Handling :

keep the container away from direct heat &sunlight. Keep the container Closed when not in use. The product not be swallowed and prolonged contact With the skin should be avoided. Should it come in contact with the eyes flush With clean, cold water and get medical attention.

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