Aquaglobe - 1020

  • Corrosion, Scale and alkalinity control in a single product.
  • Liquid product, for ease of application.
  • Rapid oxygen scavenging.
  • Maintains clean, efficient, heat transfer surfaces

AQUAGLOBE 1020 is a special blend based on catalyzed sulphite, anti-precipitants, sludge conditioners and alkalinity boosters. This comprehensive product is specially formulated for low capacity steam generation.

AQUAGLOBE 1020 is a single stable product with multifunctional properties for control of deposits, alkalinity and excellent oxygen scavenging.


Dosage and Feeding

Specific dosage will vary depending upon dissolved oxygen content of the feed water and feed temperature. AQUAGLOBE 1020 should be dosed into the feed on continuous basis.

Storage and Handling

The containers should be kept closed when not in use. No specials handling procedure and equipment is required. Store in a cool and dry place.

Workers handling the product should avoid contact with clothing or skin and  should wear rubber gloves and goggles. Observe other precautions as usual.


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