We have the best quality polyelectrolyte, a very competitive price. Our polyelectrolyte is made from high quality raw materials using all industry quality standards. We are the leading direct importers for Anion Polyelectrolyte and Cationic Polyelectrolyte’s from New Delhi, India. Anion Polyelectrolyte
Cationic polyelectrolyte
Non-ionized polyethylene
Anion polyelectrolyte fluid
Cationic polyelectrolyte fluid

We bring you a number of poly electrolytes to treat water from various processes. We offer high quality polyelectrolyte products, services and solutions for all water needs of various industries. Polyelectrolyte are versatile products that improve the efficiency of various industrial applications and essential processes until they are used for water purification, oil cleaning, color treatment, paper processing, mineral processing and more. These products have great health and environmental benefits.

Polyelectrolytes Manufacturer

Polyelectrolytes are both flocculants and Deflocculates, depending on their molecular weight. Flocculent is essentially a fluid separator, and deflocculates is diffuse. High molecular weight flocculants are able to stimulate flocculation by neutralizing the superficial electrical charges of clay particles in water and destabilizing each particle. The particles are then absorbed by the functional group activated in the flocculent polymer.

Superior floc formation

The main effect is with limited use

High purity performance

Use a wide pH range

The use of inorganic flocculants increases the effectiveness of treatment

The use of inorganic flocculants increases the effectiveness of treatment

Theoretical approaches to describing their statistical characteristics are different from that of their neutral counterparts, while their unique features are used in a variety of technological and industrial fields.

The Powder Polyelectrolyte assortment is the result of our many years of experience in industrial water treatment or wastewater treatment, water filtration, primary decontamination, drying and organic sludge drying.

Cationic polyelectrolyte available in 10 Kgs Packaging

Anion polyelectrolyte is available in 10/20/25 Kgs packaging.

Polyelectrolyte for water maker

Polyelectrolyte for a water producer is known for its clean and efficient composition. We offer this product in a variety of classes and specifications to meet a wide variety of customer needs. This chemistry is widely used in the oil industry, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, cattle and poultry feed, fertilizers and electrical industries for its detailed and precise structure. Offered at a competitive price, it is packed using sustainable mix and missile materials. It is widely used in the oil industry in oil production.

Anionic Polyelectrolyte powder

Vedicorgo LLC brings you a number of polyelectrolyte for water treatment from various processes. We offer high quality products, services and solutions to all the water-related needs of various industries. Polyelectrolyte has a wide range of polyelectrolyte that are anionic and cationic, with low viscosity and faster solubility. It is used in mining, paper, urban sewage and water treatment plants. He is highly regarded for cleaning his property and has given us a great customer base. Due to our experience and knowledge, we specialize in order fulfillment and ensure timely delivery.

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