Aquaglobe - 2010

  • Rapid oxygen scavenging achieved with catalyzed formulation.
  • Protection of boilers and steam lines from oxygen corrosion.
  • Liquid product for easy use.

AQUAGLOBE-1010 is a specialty formulation for use in large steam raising plants.

AQUAGLOBE 2010 ensures accelerated oxygen scavenging to inhibit corrosion


Dosage and Feeding

AQUAGLOBE 2010 is normally dosed so as to maintain optimum sulphite reserve in the boiler water.  This optimum treatment level depends on conditions such as operating pressure and the chemistry of the feed water. Your AQUAGLOBE representative will assist you in determining the correct dosage of AQUAGLOBE 2010. The product should be fed at the deaerator outlet or feed tank outlet on continuous basis.  Dilution with feed water to suit dosing equipment is recommended.

AQUAGLOBE 2010 absorbs oxygen from the atmosphere and hence only one day dose should be prepared in daily dose tank.  Product is slightly corrosive to mild steel in concentrated form, hence dosing systems of plastic are preferred.


Storage and Handling

The containers should be kept closed when not in use. Store in a cool and dry place.  Keep away from acid. Workers handling the product should avoid contact with clothing or skin and should wear rubber gloves and goggles. Observe other precautions as usual.

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