Aquaglobe - 1010

  • Effective scale inhibitor.
  • Being a liquid product can be dosed directly to boiler feed water tank.
  • Compatible with all boiler water treatment chemicals.

AQUAGLOBE-1010 is an inorganic polyphosphate used for boilers of any pressure to precipitate the calcium hardness as mobile phosphate sludge.


AQUAGLOBE-1010 distorts crystal structure of hardness salts and prevents the precipitation in feed water line and boiler tubes.


Dosage and Feeding

In the boiler water, a phosphate residual is normally maintained to take care of any hardness slippage from softener/DM plant. This product may be dosed by an electronic dosing pump on a continuous basis or can be fed directly into feed water tank on shift basis or by gravity dosing.

AQUAGLOBE-1010 is non-corrosive to steel mixing tanks or dosage pumps, in concentrated or diluted form.


Storage and Handling

The containers should be kept closed when not in use. No special handling procedure and equipment is required. Store in a cool and dry place. Workers handling the product should avoid contact with clothing or skin and should wear rubber gloves and goggles. Observe other precautions as usual.



Manufacturer’s warranty is restricted to the claims made here-in. No responsibility is implied to consequenses of damage instrinsic in the system, that manifests later or during AQUAGLOBE-1010 treatment.



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