Aquaglobe - 3011

  • Inhibited – Acid Descaling

AQUAGLOBE 3011 is a powerful decadent containing Nonionic penetrants combined with organic acidic booster, corrosion inhibitors and hydrogen chloride.

AQUAGLOBE 3011 dissolves water-scale deposits, as well as removes biological accretions in the system


Product  Feature :

Effective                           :     Good scale removing Capacity

Easy to application        :      Readily miscible with water

Economical                     :      Increased Cost Benefits


Method Of Application : 

  1. Close bleed-off.
  2. Add recommended dose of AQUAGLOBE 3011 to the circulating water.
  3. Continue circulation as in normal operation.
  4. If needed, dose additional AQUAGLOBE 3011 to remove residual scale.
  5. Effective cleaning will be determined by:
    • Dissolved Solids and/or iron content of circulating water.
    • Increased flow rate.
    • Heat transfer rates.
  6. After completion of Clean-up Programme, flush out loosened scales, iron and deposits with fresh water and deconcentrate the system.
  7. The application of AQUAGLOBE 3011 should be followed by proper rinsing until stable pH of 7.0 to 8.0 is achieved throughout the system.
  8. Immediately start passivation programme.

*Quantity of AQUAGLOBE 3011will be ascertained depending upon the quality of water.


Storage and Handling

AQUAGLOBE 3011 can cause burns to skin and eyes.

AQUAGLOBE 3011 use protective gloves.  AQUAGLOBE 3011 is normally not recommended for galvanized metals, zinc alloys or some stainless steels. Pre-testing in the desired solution is recommended if these metals are present.

Safety Precautions 

Avoid contact of AQUAGLOBE 3011 with clothing, skin or eyes.

Always add AQUAGLOBE 3011 to water with stirring.

when making solution. Make solutions in stainless steel or PVC tank.

After using AQUAGLOBE 3011 the surface area must be thoroughly rinsed with water.

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